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Staff And Services

Megan Hah, MA, L.Ac.

Dean of Students

As the Dean of Students, I can discuss all aspects of the school and what you can expect from our program. 

director@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.158

Qing, MA, B.A.

Director of Admissions

Please call me to discuss any questions you might have about our school and programs.

start@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.115

Winnie Wu, M.S.

Financial Aid Director

Please call me if you want to discuss any aspects of Federal Financial Aid.

fsadirector@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.168

Xiaoting Ding, B.A.

University Registrar

After you are accepted into the program, I can help you with with your schedule and registration.

registrar@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.111

Ivy Ma, B.A.

Office Manager

I’m usually the first point of contact for payments and most regular information about your daily attendance.

 office@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.117

Jerome Jiang, MA, L.Ac.

Sr. Academic Advisor

As you get ready for graduation and preparation for your licensing exam, I will make sure you are qualified and ready.

consult@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.116

Guishu Jin, M.D. (China), L.Ac.

Dean of Clinic


As the Dean of Clinic, I can discuss with you about the clinic.

 clinicdean@amu.edu   |   626.289.7719 ext.166

David Solin Lee, Ed.D

Acdemic Vice PResident

AMU Campus Office

2215 W. Mission Rd., Suite 280

Alhambra, CA 9180380

Tel: (626) 289-7719

Fax: (626) 289-8641

Office Hours:

Mon - Sun : 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Appointment with Director Ms. Ma

Tel: (626) 289-7719 ext. 115

Email: start@amu.edu

AMU Acupuncture Clinic

28 S. Palm Ave.

Alhambra, CA 91801

Tel: (626) 458-8805

Fax: (626) 458-8873

Clinic Hours:

7 Days a Week, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Night clinic available on selected days