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Our curriculum is designed to offer an excellent didactic and clinical education with integrative focus.
The didactic part of the MSTAM program is offered in two language tracks: English and Mandarin Chinese.
Clinical training is taught in English only.


These courses cover the basic principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine including diagnosis and treatment principles.

This coursework series covers the signs and symptoms of TCM patterns and disorders including etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment principles.


These courses are designed to prepare students to understand and use the herbal components of each formula and the role that each herb plays within the formula for various clinical applications.

Practical training of constructing herbal formulas based on the principles of classical herbal formulation and therapeutic functions.

Students build on their basic science foundations and cover disorders of
the cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems as well as immunological, neurological and psychiatric disorders.


These courses are designed to ingrain diagnostic and treatment protocols and explore the most common western disorders that practitioners encounter in practice.

This coursework details the etiology and treatment of diseases by applying principles of point prescription in deciding upon a treatment plan and modifying as necessary to the patient’s symptom presentation.


These courses are designed to instill knowledge about the theory of meridians, classification of acupuncture points and systems including the etiology and treatment of diseases utilizing common acupoint prescriptions as well as acupuncture needling techniques.


The Clinical Practice Curriculum is the cumulation of the program and is designed in integrate and apply all aspects of the program to enable interns to deliver effective patient care.

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