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Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for academic and classroom scheduling, student registration, enrollment verification, grading and academic records maintenance, transfer credit articulation, degree audits, monitoring undergraduate general education requirements, degree awarding, course evaluations, student data/statistical analysis, veterans benefits, FERPA compliance, and transcript services. These responsibilities, assignments and services are completed within institutional policies and standards as well as related state and federal laws and regulations.
Email: registrar@amu.edu

Students register for classes through AMU Student Portal, an online tool available to all admitted students at the Alhambra Medical University.

How to Register for classes on AMU Student Portal?
The first time you register for classes on AMU Student Portal you will need to have the following pieces of information ready:

  • Student ID Number (AMU ID)
  • Personal Access Code (PASSWORD)
    Your AMU ID (a number in this format: C/E19XXX) and your Password was provided when you applied for admission to AMU. Our admission director will give you your ID and Password after you have participated in an academic orientation and advising session.
    (Note: contact registrar’s office to reset if you have trouble to login to your account)
  • Click on Student Registration > Sign in > Add/Drop Courses > English/Chinese Classes (Note: you could only Add/Drop Courses through Student Portal during registration period)
Add/Drop Period: The Add/Drop Period is an established period of time at the beginning of each quarter when students may add classes or drop classes from their registration without penalty. Currently the Add/Drop Period is the first eight days of each quarter.
Course Withdrawal: To officially withdraw from a course, a student must complete a “Course Withdrawal” form. A student who officially withdraws from the course after the Add/Drop period and prior to the end of the sixth week will be given a grade of “W”. If the student wishes to withdraw after the sixth week, he/she will be given a grade of “F” for each course. (Note: please see the refund policy)

Course Audit Policy: During the first weeks of each quarter, students registered at AMU may audit classes by submitting the Course Audit Form to the Registrar.
Auditing means taking a class without receiving credit. AMU encourages students to audit non-elective and non-hands-on classes they have already completed to consolidate knowledge. There is no tuition charge for this type of aduiting, but students who want to audit must complete the Course Audit Form with the administration and the Registrar’s office will notify the faculty accordingly. Auditing students must follow attendance and other classroom policies. Auditing studetns will not receive class handouts unless they pay a copying fee. Electronic copy my be provided to everyone. At this time, AMU does not allow people who are not current students or graduates of AMU to audit classes.
Unless the faculty received notification of specific auditing student name(s) from the Registrar, every student should be accounted for on the roster.





Late Registration: Students are expected to register classes within registration period. If, with special approval, a student is permitted to register after the registration deadline, the late registration fee is $30.00.
Registration Holds: Students with a hold on their records will not be allowed to register until the hold is cleared. The most frequent holds are for past due accounts. Students can check AMU Student Portal > Sign in >Account Balance. (Late payment fee is $20.00)
Canceled Classes: If a class is canceled, students are informed that the class is unavailable for registration. If a cancellation occurs after students have already registered, they will be dropped from the class and notified by the Registrar’s Office. Students may then register for another class prior to the add deadline or, if applicable, a 100% tuition refund will be processed and credited to the student account.
AMU Grading System

Excellent Achievement
A   94 – 100% (GPA 4.0)
A-  90 – 93% (GPA 3.75)

Very Good Achievement
B+  87 – 89% (GPA 3.25)
B   84 – 86% (GPA 3.00)
B-  80 – 83% (GPA 2.75)

Acceptable Achievement
C+  77 – 79% (GPA 2.25)
C   70 – 76% (GPA 2.00)

Unacceptable Achievement (Failure)
F  Below 69% (GPA 0.00)

Pass/Non-Pass (For Pass-Fail classes)
P/NP  Recorded as a grade without GPA

Incomplete Learning
INC The Grade of “I” may be awarded only at the end of a quarter when all but a minor portion of the course work has been satisfactorily completed. The grade of “I” is not to be awarded in place of an “F”. If the student does not make arrangements with the instructor to complete the course within one quarter of receiving the “I” grade, the “I” grade will changed to an “F”.

W  Recorded as a grade without GPA

In Progress

Audited Courses: Not require a grade from the instructor.



Appealing a Grade: If a student is not satisfied with the grade given by the instructor, he or she can initiate in writing a grade appeal to the instructor involved. If the student is not satisfied by the instructor’s explanation or action, the grade appeal can be presented to the Academic Dean for resolution. The Academic Dean and the Academic Committee will render the final decision.

Academic Scholarship Application Qualification:

  • All students are eligible to apply for Academic Scholarship; for transfer students, there may be certain pre-eligibility process, please see Academic Dean for the details.
  • Registered at least fifteen (15) DIDACTIC units in previous quarter; “Pass/No Pass” grade and clinic internship units are NOT included.
  • An average GPA 4.0 in all the registered courses during the quarter.

Students must be present for at least 80% of the class time to obtain credit for a course. If a student has missed more than 20% of the class time, he or she will fail and the course must be repeated.
If excessive absences are taken prior to week six of the quarter, the student may withdraw from the course or courses, and a grade of “W” will be assigned. If excessive absences are taken after week six, the student may withdraw from the course or courses, and a grade of “F” will be assigned.
If an emergency arises, students must complete an absence request form to be signed by the faculty and approved by the Academic Dean. An excused absence is still considered an absence within the attendance policy. For any extended period of absence, the student must request a Leave of Absence prior to taking it.

Clinic Entrance Exam Registration

Academic Qualifications for Internship

  • Students must successfully pass all the prerequisite courses for clinic internship.
  • The exam is offered on a quarterly basis during the 8th week of the quarter.
  • Student must register and pass the clinic entrance exam.
  • Please refer to “Study Guide for Clinic Internship Entrance Examination for details.

Requirements for Entrance
In addition to the academic qualifications, students must obtain the following:

  • CNT Certificate (NCCAOM); transfer students who already has institutional CNT will be accepted
  • CPR & First Aid from American Heart Association or Red Cross
  • TOEFL-iBT results (if applicable)
  • TB Clearance
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination (waiver accepted)

Clinic Entrance Exam

Graduation Exam Registration

Graduation Examination
Students must pass the Comprehensive Graduation Exam to be able to graduate. The exam is given quarterly in the first week of the quarter break. Students are eligible to sit for the Comprehensive Graduation Exam upon completion of 500 level Clinical Internship.

Requirements for Graduation Exam

  • Student will be completing the entire curriculum (didactic and clinic) within the next three quarters.
  • Complete the Graduation Exam Qualification Check Form and submit the form to Registrar’s Office.
  • Pay the Graduation Exam Fee: $100.00 (first time takers) or $25.00 (subsequent makeup).
  • Register for the Graduation Exam with the Registrar.
  • The exam is offered quarterly in the first week of quarter break.



Graduation & LII Exit Exam

Graduation Requirements

The Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Completion of the core curriculum with a minimum of 2160 hours of didactic instruction (216 quarter units with 210 required didactic units and 6 required elective didactic units) plus 960 hours of clinical internship (200 hours observation plus 760 hours of supervised clinical internship which comprises 48 quarter units). As such, 264 quarter units are required for graduation.
  • Completion of all clinical requirements as stated in the Clinic Handbook.
  • Successfully passing the Comprehensive Graduation Examination.
  • Fulfillment of all financial obligations to the University.
  • In terms of residency, a quarter is defined as twelve (12) units or more. The minimum residency for the MSAOM degree program is 12 quarters. For transfer students, the minimum residency requirement is 45 quarter units of classroom instruction.
Records, Request and Transcripts
In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University protects the privacy of student records, including address, phone number, grades and attendance dates. Student records are permanently kept in locked fireproof file cabinets and a backup copy of student records is kept on an off-site server. Students have the right to review their academic file by submitting a request to the Registrar. Student records are maintained at the school site for five years from the last date of attendance. Transcripts are maintained permanently.
Leave of absence policy

A Leave of Absence (LOA) refers to a specific time period during a student’s ongoing program of study when he or she is not in academic attendance. It does not include non-attendance for a scheduled break in a student’s program. Upon returning from an approved LOA, a student must complete any coursework he or she began prior to their LOA.

For the MSAOM program, a written request must be made and the LOA may not exceed a cumulativeone hundred and eighty (180) days within any twelve (12) month period.

For a LOA to be approved, the student must do the following:
● Provide a written, signed, and dated request, prior to the time period in which the leave is to occur, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so.
● This request must be approved by the Academic Dean and the Registrar.
● Foreign students may apply for a limited Leave of Absence as long as Homeland Security rules,
regulations, policies and procedures are adhered to. As stated above, a Leave of Absence must
be requested prior to the time the student plans to be away from school. In addition, a foreign
student may not apply for a Leave of Absence until the student has been in attendance at the
University for at least one academic year. If the Leave of Absence is not approved and the
student no longer attends class, the student is considered to have ceased attendance at the

Students returning from a LOA must contact the Registrar’s Office or Academic Dean before registering for classes. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of any policy and/or curriculum changes.

Students who have not attended the University for one year or more, must apply for re-admission and must meet the current entrance requirements.



Program Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from the school any time after the add/ drop period (described above) and receive a pro rata refund if he or she has completed 60 percent or less of the scheduled days in the current payment period in his or her program through the last day of attendance. A registration or administration fee will be deducted from the refund, not to exceed $250.00, as well as a deduction for equipment not returned in good condition within 45 days of withdrawal. If the student has completed more than 60% of the period of attendance for which the student was charged, the tuition is considered earned and the student will receive no refund.
For the purpose of determining a refund under this section, a student shall be deemed to have withdrawn from a program of instruction when any of the following occurs:
● The student notifies the institution in writing of the student’s withdrawal the date the student last attended class, whichever is later.
● The institution terminates the student’s enrollment for failure to maintain satisfactory progress; failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution; absences in excess of the maximum set forth by the institution; and/or failure to meet financial obligations to the school.
For the purpose of determining the amount of the refund, the date of the student’s withdrawal shall be deemed the last date of the scheduled attendance. The amount owed equals the daily charge for the program (total institutional charge, minus non-refundable fees, divided by the number of days in the program), multiplied by the number of days scheduled to attend, prior to withdrawal.
If the student has received federal student financial aid funds, the student is entitled to a refund of moneys not paid from federal student financial aid program funds.
Withdrawals may be effectuated by the student’s written notice or by the student’s conduct, including, but not necessarily limited to, a student’s lack of attendance.

AMU Re-admission

The Academic Dean must evaluate the student’s standing. If more than five years have elapsed, since the last prior enrollment, the Academic Committee will reevaluate the student’s placement and the student may be required to take a placement exam; if this is failed, he or she needs to retake the class.
Students must contact the Registrar’s Office to be sure all prior financial commitments are complete no less than 30 days before the quarter starts. A letter of full acceptance will be sent to the student after the student file and prior financial commitments are complete.