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The Mission of Alhambra Medical University   

  • To provide the highest quality education available in acupuncture and Oriental medicine in a progressive learning environment..
  • To provide the community with a highly competent and readily available source for complementary and alternative healthcare.
  • To foster and enhance mutual understanding and the ability to communicate with other healthcare professionals.
  • To assist acupuncture and Oriental medicine professionals to achieve their appropriate place within mainstream healthcare.

The Goals of Alhambra Medical University are : 
  • To educate and train students of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to competently enter the mainstream healthcare system as primary healthcare providers.
  • To teach the theory and practice of Oriental medicine while simultaneously developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • To simultaneously provide quality care in acupuncture and Oriental medicine to the community and a rich clinical experience for our students.
  • To develop an open academic environment and support the cultural diversity of our students.
  • To provide students with both the historical context and modern application of Oriental medicine.
  • To foster communication between practitioners of Oriental medicine and Western medicine.

Graduates of Master’s Program will be able to : 
  • Practice Oriental medicine competently by assessing patients skillfully, making accurate diagnosis, and performing appropriate treatment using the various modalities of Oriental medicine.
  • Integrate traditional Oriental medicine and Western medicine in order to provide optimal patient care.
  • Critically analyze research reports on Oriental medicine and Western medicine.
  • Provide appropriate recommendations and referrals to patients for maintaining health and preventing disease.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethics and the legal environment for the practice of medicine.
  • Demonstrate professionalism.